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It is an all round excellent magic mushroom that wont leave anything to be desired. Golden Teachers are very potent mushrooms and can give you a very strong trip. The Golden Teacher gives you a more intense trip than, for example, the Colombian and the Ecuadorian. The Golden Teacher is the largest kind of mushroom in the collection. They have caps that can reach five centimetres in diameter. It is also quite suitable for beginners. You just have to give this golden shroom a try.

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Golden Teacher Mushroom: Effects, Benefits and Dosage

golden teacher mushrooms in australia
golden teacher mushrooms are some of the most popular. Yet occurring psychedelics that have been around for centuries. Psilocybin & psilocin are beneficial compounds. Found in at least 15 species of magic mushrooms. and they belong to three main genera, Psilocybe, Conocybe, and Penaeolus.
Out of the three, the most favoured by growers is the Psilocybe. which comes in various forms such as Psilocybe Cubensis. Psilocybe Semilanceata, and Psilocybe Baeocystis. The Golden Teacher strain comes from the Psilocybe Cubensis. is a favourite for many cultivators. since it grows in significant flushes. and has high health benefits making it a favourite for many magic mushroom newbies. Read on to understand better Golden Teacher Mushrooms, their effects and their benefits.

What are the Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Golden Teacher, also known as GT shroom. is a popular Psilocybe cubensis strain whose main active elements are psilocin and psilocybin. And it’s considered one of the best known hallucinogenic mushrooms. It was discover in the 1980s and has remained a top choice for many users. And even though the exact origin is unknown. it’s recognized for its elegant appearance of a gold cap with specks of yellow. Also, Golden Teacher Magic mushrooms have a distinct reddish. And almost cinnamon colour. and they feature larger caps and stems than other Psilocybe Cubensis strains.
Golden teachers’ magic mushrooms usually have a capsize from 20 to 80 mm in diameter. And a unique fruiting body with a curved cap and a golden or yellow center. There are space gills in colour gray under the caps, and they darken with age. And at maturity, the gills may look almost black. With a magic mushroom grow kit from these psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. You can expect to grow medium to large size mushrooms. With wide caps from the first flush suitable for spore printing.

Golden teacher mushrooms Appearance & Characteristics

golden teacher mushrooms
Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, a Psilocybe cubensis strain. It’s recognized because of its distinctive appearance. The psychedelic mushroom with a high psychedelic effect boasts of a long. winding stem with a broad golden cap with yellow specks. Besides, it is large compared to most Psilocybe cubensis strains. As the Golden Teacher shrooms are large and feature a big stem and cap with a more elegant appearance.
Golden Teacher Mushrooms contain a hollow stipe thicker on base & towards the gills . And they vary in colour from whitish to purple-brown. These shrooms also have a fruiting body, & they’re known to produce large fruitbodies. which are very potent for a Psilocybe cubensis species. Some strains have hard-to-collect spores, but these Golden Teachers are not one of them.

What is the Dosage?

Golden Teacher mushrooms have a mild to moderate potency. And the recommended dosage is between 1 gram and 2.5 grams. Whereas most people take 2 grams to feel some effects but nothing too intense. This dose may be too small. for any significant psychedelic effect for the more experienced shroomers. But it is enough for the inexperienced or beginner shroomers. The dosage of between 1 gram and two grams allows an error margin to be establish. Golden teachers are great for anyone looking to have their first psychedelic experience.
Even though this magic mushroom strain has a psychedelic effect. It’s recommended for beginners starting their psychedelic journey. To start with a 1 gram dose. wait for three hours before they take any further steps. But, for experienced shroomers, high doses would be three or more grams. Suppose they are aware of the psychedelic effects. In that case, 4 to 5 grams will be enough to experience the Golden Teacher. Remember the high dose is only for expert magic mushroom users & experienced psychonauts.
Golden Teacher Mushrooms have an onset time of between 20 and 60 minutes. And the effects can last for a period of between four to six hours. There are five trip levels experienced by users for any psychedelic experience. And they range from relaxed, light and chilled out to extreme psychedelic trips. The psychedelic experience will vary depending on the strain. And species of the magic mushrooms you are consuming, your experience level. And the potency level. Hence, P. cubensis use is still a trial and error.

What Are Some Benefits of the Golden Teacher Mushroom?

golden teacher mushrooms in au
While psilocybin mushrooms are famous for their strong psychedelic effects. Few people know that Golden Teacher Mushrooms have significant mental & physical health benefits. Some of them include:

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